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San Francisco is 38 nautical miles of Cebu city in Central Philippines.  It is a small piece
of paradise. A general small island in northeast of mainland, Cebu.  This third class municipality
sprawls 12414’04’’ to 124 30'37 and 10 32'48 latitude .  The municipality is bounded on the
north, south, and west by the shark infested Camotes Sea and on the east by Ponson Island
(municipality of Poro).

 According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 47,357 people.

 The municipality composed of 15 barangays namely:  
Barangay Campo,  Cabunga-an,  Consuelo,   Esperanza,   Himensulan,   Southern Poblacion,  
 Northern Poblacion,   Western Poblacion,   Sonog, Union,  Montealegre,   Santiago, Unidos ,  
 San-Isidro  and Sta. Cruz.
The municipality is being created in the year 1928 . 

The Municipality of San Francisco is the biggest town in Camotes in terms of income, land area and population. The town used to be called Suangan because of the abundance of Sawong trees. The town’s name was later changed to San Francisco to honor one of the early settlers whose name was Francisco. One of the main attractions in San Francisco is Lake Danao, which is shaped like the figure 8 and is the largest lake in the Visayas. The lake has won awards as the cleanest inland body of water in the region.


Lake Danao is located in the northern part of Pacijan Island, one of Camotes Islands’ smaller islands in Cebu Province.

It takes around two hours to reach Camotes by boat, ferry, and other watercrafts.

The lake has a shape of a guitar whose park is the entry point in accessing Danao Lake - one of the popular tourist attractions on the island.

The Park is north of Mangodlong and Santiago Bay, which is about 30 minutes to the towns of Campo and Union.

The Local Government of San Francisco (Camotes) takes charge in maintaining, preserving, and developing the whole area as eco-tourism as well as educational facility.

Lake Danao is also popularly labeled as the Lover’s Lake. For some obvious reasons, it is serene and has romantic appeal for couples or lovers to be at.

You’ll be mesmerized by the tranquility of the place, which is harmonized by the singing birds on the trees and the gentle blowing breeze.
The park is best not only for couples but also as a picnic area for families and friends.

Lake Danao has diverse flora and fauna that lives and survives within and around the lake. The most noticeable plants surrounding the lake are the coconut trees and some hardwood species planted by the locals living by the lakeside.

There are diverse plants found around the lake – cultivated and natural. Some of the cultivated plants include corns, yams, sweet potato (that is the literal name for “camote” from which the island got its name), and some vegetables.

Locals also develop their traditional way of curing (minor) ailments by using indigenous medicinal plants.

In the lake’s fresh water a number of fish species can be found, such as tilapia, etc.

The lake is also home to some wild ducks, purple herons, and some migratory birds.


For lovers and couples, it is the most romantic way of being together and sharing intimate time in this serene lake. You can rent a small boat and just paddle around the lake’s shores.

It is some sort of a motor-powered boat that can accommodate more than 10 people for a ride around the lake. This boat has sits and tables for visitors to use in case they want to enjoy some food and drinks while touring the lake and enjoying the scene.

During the one-hour cruise on that boat, you’ll have the chance to step on an islet in the middle of the lake where you can take photos with the lake’s wonderful view.

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